Castle Infinity Headquarters

This is where we separate the humans from . . . well, the other humans. Check each board for your name; if you're not on one, you may be on another. And every point counts, you know, if you're heading for Hrozz's Hroost. Here's what you'll find on each scoreboard:

Who's On Top?

This is the big one. These are the people who have the most points overall. But don't be discouraged if your game name isn't up there. There are many other ways to snag points in Castle Infinity.

Gludge Tonnage

There's more than one way to skin a cat. And a monster, come to think of it. But no matter how you do it, when you kill a monster, you get gludge tonnage. The more you kill, the more tonnage you get. The people listed here are very, very good at nabbing monsters.

Cheese Champions

Are you a cheese connoisseur? Do you have Atomic Limburger? Do you have Gorgonzola? Good 'cuz you need them both: each Atomic Limburger is worth 5 points and each Grogonzola is worth 1 point.

Guide Points

To earn Guide Points, steer new players to any one of twenty Guide Award booths scattered throughout the Castle. In the process, new players benefit from the wisdom you impart to them on the guided tour and you get handsomely rewarded for your help.

Infinity Age

How old are you, in Infinity years? Your Infinity Age equals the length of time you've been a registered player, plus the number of times you've logged on. It's extremely complicated. But if you're up there, you're an old fogey (that's a good thing; old fogeys get more points).

Exploration Points

Exploration Points are points you get for making lots of different transitions between sectors WITHOUT stopping back at Your Room. The trick is to plan ahead and take the stuff with you that you'll need along the journey. The longer your expedition, the higher your score. Use the maps to plot your course and rack up the points.

Today's Smelliest

This is for those who really enjoy cheese! Those who carry the most Gorgonzola each day are the greatest!

Simio Club

This one is pretty straight forward. Your ranking in this club has to do with the number of Monkey Paws you are currently carrying.