Castle Infinity Headquarters

Castle Infinity, the last refuge for the only remaining dinosaurs, has been invaded by monsters, and we need your help to rid the place of these odious heaps of gludge. So strap on your bacon shoes, grab a wrench monkey, and get in here now!

So what's there to do in Castle Infinity, besides getting rid of these monsters? You can meet new people through live chat with other players. Trade tips. Form teams. Take part in races. Brag about getting your name on the Big Board of Infinity (a live scoreboard that always shows the top 100 players).

More than anything else, you can explore. Castle Infinity has enough areas to keep you occupied for months on end, and the Architects are constantly opening new sections of the Castle to the public. Some rooms take some serious work to get to; others are so difficult that no player has ever gotten to them! Just ask a player about Cloverleaf, Control Room 3, and Oceana. Only a handful have beaten the first, no one's beaten the second, and no one's even seen the third.

SCHTICK In Castle Infinity, you choose what you look like by picking your own head, body, and legs. There are tens of thousands of combinations and tons of parts to pick from. But you've gotta earn 'em! Collectible parts are scattered all over the Castle and are rewarded at certain score increments (see the different Score Rewards). Find that new head at the deepest, darkest part of the Castle and impress all your friends!

There's always a new challenge for players in Castle Infinity, whether it's beating new areas or climbing to new heights in scores. Unlike so many other massive online games with millions of players, you can really make your mark in this game. You actually have a chance of finding secrets no one else has found before. Get your name in lights!

Castle Infinity is part platformer, part puzzle game, part adventure game, and part chat room. It's great fun, and it's free, so what are you waiting for?