Castle Infinity Headquarters
Build 38 Released
November 8, 2014

Hey true believers and Infinity fans alike,

After a long time of having very little to announce, I and the entire Castle Infinity team are pleased to announce the release of Dinobuild 38, AKA “The Monkey Wrench Patch”. Sam and Gail have been tirelessly blasting some of the most longstanding dankalanger’s out of the circuits that connect you to the Castle.

Build 38 includes:
  • Additional stability increases between you and the Castle.
  • SCHTICK score is now working properly. Can you be number one on the Big Board?
  • All SCHTICK booths are now working properly. No more client crashes. (Frying pan heads for everyone!)
  • Team and Community Sectors are now fixed. Opening up five never before defeated sectors of the Castle, including a new three person challenge sector! Do you have what it takes to beat CheezOwie? How about face two of your friends in Rodney’s Obstacle Track, now open! (And more surprises yet to be found!)
  • It turns out Grandma Pearl was holding onto one of the Scramtrack bolts that unlocked the way to Hrozz. (She didn’t want you to get hurt “snookums”!) Scramtrack is now back to full functionality and the way to Hrozz is clear. Get in there kid!
  • No more crashing when listening to the R.O.C.K. song. Fixes error that caused the game to crash when viewing the credits.

I’d like to apologize to all of you for how long this build has taken to come out. Sam and Gail do their part, but the rest of us Architects have full-time jobs and family commitments, so sometimes progress can be slower than either of us would like. With this update, we’ve paved a bit of the way forward to make future updates smoother, though there’s still a bit to go. What we can promise is to be communicative with you, the community, and provide opportunities for you to get feedback and see exactly what we’re working on next. More to come…

Website Updates and More
December 24, 2013

Well folks, as promised, we wanted to deliver some updates on the castle front. We cordially welcome you to the newly redesigned Castle Infinity Headquarters, which will offer you an enhanced way of managing your player experience. We've fixed issues around the big board, account registration, and others.

You also now have a way to view player profiles and manage your account directly. There have been many requests to reset passwords, which you now have a way of doing yourself through the profile page, but you will need to update your email address on file.

This is a preview of things to expect in the coming year. We are actively working on the remaining stability and gameplay issues, so stay tuned for a content update notice early next year!

And so with 2013 coming to a close, we want to wish all of you happy (and safe) holidays!

We Need Your Help!
January 10, 2013

The Castle Infinity Gang needs your help!

Kevin Quitt, the original creator of Castle Infinity, has developed a rare brain condition that affects his ability to work and in time will effect his ability to think. For years Kevin kept the Castle open, selflessly and without pay. He paid for all server costs, for the internet line, for the start up and he paid to send out test kits and prizes to kids all over. He is the reason Castle Infinity still exists in any form, and the reason that Castle Infinity has lived on to see a new generation of kids. Now he needs our help.

For the next month ALL Castle Infinity donations will be given to Kevin Quitt. Castle Infinity LLC will match any donation given up to $200. Please spread this story with the rest of the community. I hope we can band together and give him something, anything, for everything he has given all of us at one point or another. To donate, simply click here!

Get Back in the Castle
May 13, 2011

The Castle Infinity Gang has some exciting news. We have opened up the Castle for mammals again; you will now be able to enter the Castle. To do this, simply go to our Download page and follow the directions.

If you've been in the Castle before, sorry! You'll need to re-make your account. To keep it fair - and have people get their spark back into the game - we've wiped all accounts and everyone is starting over.

If you're new to the Castle, welcome! Read our What Is It? page to figure it all out, join our Forum, and get into the Castle!

Castle Infinity: Version 2.0
April 24, 2011

Greetings! I have some exciting news; Castle Infinity's Webmaster, Lauren (laurenone), has created a brand new spanking website for us!

We're still working on getting the Boards of Infinity on the site, but they hope to be there soon.