Castle Infinity Headquarters
Hat What it does Reusable? Hat What it does Reusable?
Kills monstersNoProvides 60 seconds of air in the diving ballNo
Actives all noses in the sector with stronger suctionNoAllows players to stand on red-hot radiatorsYes
Contains a part of a story or poemNoKills Flibramax 33% of the time (100% w/lucky statue)Yes
Kills Galactofans and DankalangersNoSweeps up dormant RagmaraudersYes
Activates giant nosesNo???No
  1. Makes conch shell and salt figure work all the time
  2. Extends range of anti-monster items
YesReflects Mentroscis beamYes
Kills HrozzNoAllows player to enter the Greasy GrinYes
  1. Damage is doubled
  2. Gludge rewards are doubled
  3. Can't drop or store in your room
  4. Dispose of by dropping in BiG Pit
Removes purple spots from brainsuckerNo???No
???YesAllows player to enter The PlantYes