Castle Infinity Headquarters


How do I get out of My Room?

To the left of the S.C.H.T.I.C.K. machine (U-matic Transmogrifier) there's a floor popper. Press the Control key (CTRL) or the yellow button on the gamepad to activate it. This will boost you upwards. You'll want to move to the right and up the stairs immediately after activating the floor popper. At the top of the stairs you'll see a nice cushy bed to jump on. Go ahead, get up, and let the bed automatically bounce you up and through the opening you see above the bed. If you hit your head on the way up just nudge your S.C.H.T.I.C.K. right or left to get centered under the opening. This will bring you to the Central Fountain, a popular meeting place and a good starting point. Happy trails!

Where am I supposed to go, exactly?

Well, from the beginning of the game, you're a bit limited, but you can quickly branch out to the furthest reaches of the Castle. If you get into Central Fountain, you'll find three useful exits. The first is to the Art U Seeum, which is in the upper left. There you'll find a number of pretty pictures, lots of infinitoids, and an important secret. In the upper right, you'll discover a link to the Hall of Science, wherein you can hone your platforming skills. There are lots of fans, attractors, repulsors, and all kinds of other crazy contraptions in there, along with a bunch of points, some informational billboards, and a secret or two. Most importantly, however, is the exit in the bottom right area of Central Fountain. This leads to Chaos Corridor, the mouth of the Danger Zone. If you continue downwards and the right from there, you'll discover lots of areas. Once you get 200,000 points in Grand Central, the Danger Zone, and the Scram Track, the Plant will open up to you.

Why is the Stellacenter in My Room different than Stellavision?

Stellacenter is accessed only from Your Room when you are standing in front of it. It's used to send or receive postcards. Stellavision is available everywhere else, and contains several functions and information screens. You can send a quick Stellamessage from Stellavision but you can't send postcards from there.

Every time I'm almost somewhere new, I get wiped out! Is there any way to save?

You can never stop and save this game; it's running for everyone at the same time. You can, however, save a few good starting spots by collecting Grow Caps. Once you've got one, you should always be able to activate it and zap back to where it came from.

How many sectors are there in Castle Infinity?

Castle Infinity is INFINITE! So far, the dinosaurs have been able to connect mammal computers to about 85 sectors. But they're making major breakthroughs every day. New parts of the Castle will be opening up all the time.

Can I ever beat Castle Infinity? Is the game ever over?

Never! In fact, you're only in Zone 7, a small corner of the place. If enough people can blast Hrozz in her lair, you'll be able to get into Zone 8 and beyond.

What should I do if someone's cheating or otherwise breaking the rules?

You should let us know about it right away! Just go into your Stellacenter, head to the Status Security screen, hit the Panic button, and follow directions. We'll investigate the player and take care of 'em for you.

Someone online says they work for you guys. How do I know if they're telling the truth?

People that work for us are called "architects" and have a number of special abilities. The easiest way to identify them is to check out their head. Architects have a special part that no one else has, pictured on the right. If someone claims to be an architect and you're not sure, just ask them to show you their eyes. If they do, they're with us, so be on your best behavior! Keep in mind, however, that an architect will NEVER ask you for your password or your real name!

Can I play Castle Infinity without connecting to the internet?

Sure, you can play by yourself, but that won't be much fun! The disadvantage of this is that you will not see any other kids in the game with you, you won't be able to get through rooms that require a team, and you will not accumulate or save your scores. We call this "Castle Infinity Unplugged". Simply start the game with a "-n" option. The easiest way to do this is to create a new icon on your desktop. Right click on your desktop in an area where there are no icons. Select "New", then "Shortcut". In the command line, you want to type in the path then the executable name. If you let the installer install according to its default settings, you'd enter: C:\Program Files\Starwave\Castle Infinity\Client\INFINITY.EXE -n Then click NEXT then FINISH. Now you have an icon on your desktop that will run Castle Infinity Unplugged.


When I login, it says someone is already playing using my Gamename!

Ouch! That can be a distressing message. This usually happens if for some weird reason you were disconnected only a moment before. What is probably happening is that one moment you were playing and suddenly you were gone, but Sam and Gail didn't notice that you went away. It might take up to 5 minutes to see that you're not there anymore. So just wait a few minutes and try again. If you still get that nasty message after 10 minutes, then write to Sam and Gail and tell them!

I managed to get stuck in a wall or ceiling.

Don't do that! Oh -- that's right -- you've already done it. To get out without having to exit the game, bring up Stellavision and go to the Status Security screen. Hit the END or "B" key to go Home. And, in the future, try not to do it again.

My game says that the update server is down. What do I do?

Either something's broken on your end or on ours. If you can access this page or other pages on the internet with no problems, it's probably our fault. Try again a bit later, and if the problem persists, please email Sam and Gail and let 'em know.

Castle Infinity, LLC

How can you guys afford to keep this running for free and without ads or spyware?

It's not easy. Many of the expenses are paid for out of pocket by our employees, but beyond that, we rely solely on donations from players like you. So please, if you like Castle Infinity, make a donation.

Where are you based?

Nowhere and everywhere. Our volunteer developers are located in both northern and southern California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, Washington, Australia and Canada. We work together over the internet.