Castle Infinity Headquarters

You are just steps away from playing Castle Infinity! First off, let's check your system requirements. Castle Infinity's requirements are very low, but there are a few basic things you'll need:

  • Windows 95 or better
  • A display capable of 800x600 with at least 16-bit color
  • 28.8kbps or better connection
  • Speakers (for full enjoyment)

Sorry, Mac users - we may have something for you in the future, but for the time being, Castle Infinity runs fine under Virtual PC (it's one of a few games to do so) provided you turn off the sound. Okay! So provided that you've fulfilled the very basic system requirements, the first step to playing Castle Infinity is to download it. Oh, and don't worry. There's no spyware or adware in Castle Infinity; we hate that stuff.

Step 1 - Download Castle Infinity
Step 2 - Register Your Account