Castle Infinity Headquarters

You can do and say almost anything in Castle Infinity, but there are a few rules that everyone has to follow. We've worked very hard to make Castle Infinity a positive place for kids to play, where everyone will have a good time. Please don't ruin it for anyone else.

Repeat offenses are monitored and violators may no longer be able to enter the Castle.

The TEN RULES of Castle Infinity

  1. No swearing or dirty language.
  2. Don't tease, be mean to, or threaten anyone.
  3. Don't hassle anybody because of their race, religion, whether they're a boy or a girl, or any physical limitations they may have.
  4. Don't talk about real people (outside of Castle Infinity) in a mean way.
  5. Don't agree to meet in person anyone you meet in the game unless your parent says it's okay.
  6. Never give out your real name, address or phone number unless your parent says it's okay.
  7. Don't try to get others to break the law or talk about breaking the law yourself.
  8. Don't copy or display anything in Castle Infinity that belongs to other people.
  9. Don't sell anything or ask other people for money.
  10. Don't do anything to change or damage the game or cause technical problems.