Castle Infinity Headquarters

In order to strengthen the community and to give us all something to do on Friday nights, we're holding weekly races on Castle Infinity! It should be a lot of fun for everyone (even you new mammals!), and there are lovely prizes to be won.

Results will be posted on here and the Big Board of Infinity afterwards for everyone to see along with the winners' times so you all can know what you have to beat! Good luck to all of you!

There are two divisions: individual and team (teams of four are required; please have your team ready on race night). You can play in both. If you don't know where the finish line of your race is, you should probably scout it out ahead of time. And of course, you may not use any grow caps besides gold.

Next Race Details

Date: ???
Time: 5:00 PM Pacific Time (7:00 Central; 8:00 Eastern); should run until 8:00 PST
Place: Central Fountain

Individual Division

The individual race will be broken into three brackets (Mini Mammals, Leaping Lizards, Sage Stegasauri) to be more fair to newer players. Anyone can compete in any bracket, but the rewards are greater in the harder brackets. If you're set back to your room at any time during the race, you can still compete, but you have to go back to the start point and proceed from there. All races details will be given a week before the race.


Hat: Orange Peel Head for two weeks
Points: 25,000 Infinity Points

Team Division

This one's going to be really hard to do in one run without losing any members, so keep this in mind: time is called when the last member of your team crosses the finish line, so if any of your team members is sent back to his room, you all must return to the starting point and go from there.


Hat: Magic Hat Head for two weeks
Points: 50,000 Infinity Points