Castle Infinity Headquarters
Picture Name Description
Brainsucker A cross between a mosquito and a giant sponge. The only thing it loves more than salt!
Dankalanger Hanging horrors that whip at anything within range.
Flibramax Greasy electric eels with a little too much in the voltage department.
Freep The freep is a bothersome creeping pest. To ruin your day it will try its best. If you choose to snooze near one, you'll get no rest. And NEVER jump into a freep family's nest.
Glactofan This annoying monster silently scuttles across the floors of Castle Infinity's saltwater-soaked sectors. Fire off a flash cube or two and it will go away.
Grotchwally When you're trying to hold on to your stuff, the last thing you want is this guy hanging over you!
Mentroscis A highly intelligent jelly bag. Avoid its stifling stare, or else you'll find you can't jump.
Punchilicus A sneaky monster that will try to trick you into getting close. Then, SCRAB-LA-BLAMM! It takes a whole lot of air freshener to stop one.
Ragmarauder This is exactly why you shouldn't leave oily rags lying around. These monsters are a churning urn or burning funk.
Red Snyder Annoying monsters that hang all over the Castle, waiting for things to pinch.
Rungus He's big and he's bad. The very thought of you makes him mad.
Velocipesto Two of the three things you hate worst in a predator: speed and teeth. Fortunately, the third thing is brains. That they don't have.
Vungus This big, purple oozing sludge-sack just always seems to get in the way. Here's a hint, he'd be easier to get by if he were flat like a pancake.