Castle Infinity Headquarters

There were three types of creatures on Earth then: dinosaurs, small furry rodent-type mammals, and monsters. The dinosaurs and mammals got along swimmingly. As we all know there's a natural affinity between the two. However this made the monsters green with envy. Well mostly green anyway, a few of them are purple and at least one or two were a rather strange shade of blue. But we digress. The monsters decided to get rid of the dinosaurs because that's just the sort of thing monsters do.

At the time, technology was far more advanced than the fossil record shows. Using powerful computers, or magnets, or something really big and ugly, the monsters diverted a huge comet from its orbit and sent it sailing toward Earth to wipe out the dinosaurs. Of course, it would kill most of the monsters and mammals too. Pretty typically, the monsters failed to consider the consequences of their own actions.

Fortunately, the dinosaurs saw the comet coming. Sensing there was nothing they could do to stop it, they built Castle Infinity, a secret world where they could still exist. When the comet crashed into Earth, it wiped out the more dimwitted dinosaurs, most of the monsters, and all but a few rodent-like mammals. Nonetheless, the dinosaurs who made it into Castle Infinity were safe.

Millions of years passed. Eventually, the few surviving mammals multiplied, evolved and stood upright. They made tools, farmed, created cultures and grew societies on Earth. At some point they even came up with the computer. Finally, kids got their hands on computers, and an event of cataclysmic proportions occurred.

On April 8, 1995, thanks to a one-in-a-zillion combination of events set in motion by a spilt juicebox on the family PC, a 12 year old kid named Timmy made the first connection to Castle Infinity. The dinosaurs, led by ambassadors Rodney T-bone Rex and Dr. Foster, acted fast to broadcast a single urgent message to kids everywhere: SEND HELP!

Why? Because 65 million years ago, just before the dinosaurs climbed inside Castle Infinity and sealed it off, monsters got in too. And like the mildew that grows between the tiles in your shower; left unchecked, they spread all over the place. And the last thing Castle Infinity needs is more monsters.

Therefore, Castle Infinity needs you now more than ever. All you have to do to help is fire-up the Castle Infinity game client (which acts as the automatic link so you don't have to bother squirting juice on your computer) and jump right in. So get in here and start working together to save the dinosaurs and the whole darned place from the monsters!