Castle Infinity Headquarters

Guide points are earned when one or more players who are not a newbies guide one or more newbies to various places in the castle demarked by guide booths. These booths will reward both the newbies and the "guides" based on two factors. The first is the number of newbies on the booth - the score is multiplied by that number. The second factor is the value of each particular guide booth. Booths in places more difficult to guide newbies are worth much more. A newbie is a player with an infinity score under 1,000,000.

For example, let's say a particular guide booth has a value of 30 points. Four players enter that booth, two of which are classified as "newbies". 30 points * 2 newbies = 60 points. Each of the four players is rewarded 60 points.

Points Body Part Trophy Infinity Bonus
1,000 Elementary Educator 10,000
2,000 Loyal Leader 20,000
3,500 Gregarious Guide 30,000
5,200 Monstrous Mentor 40,000
6,800 Krunka Coach 50,000
10,000 Decent Docent 75,000
13,000 Helpful Helmsman 100,000
16,500 Triassic Teacher 200,000
19,500 Purposeful Pathfinder 250,000
25,500 Top Notch Tutor 250,000
30,000 Stegasaurous Steersman 350,000
40,000 Prehistoric Pilot 350,000
46,500 Neanderthal Navigator 500,000
55,000 Spunky Spelunker 500,000
75,000 Omniscient Orienteer 500,000

Each additional 20,000 guide points will reward the player with 500,000 infinity points.