Castle Infinity Headquarters

Repair points are awarded every time you get sent back to your room or to the start of a longer journey (falling into the gears in the Hall of Peril takes you back to the Bridge of Death, for instance). A lucky statue increases the number of awarded points. Each hazard is assigned a score value. Getting killed by Hrozz, for instance, rewards many more repair points than getting killed by a freep.

Points Body Part Trophy Infinity Bonus
2,000 Purple Heart 10,000
5,000 Blue Bandage 20,000
10,000 Supersonic Stubbed Toe 30,000
20,000 Golden Goose Egg 40,000
40,000 Zirconium Funny Bone 50,000
80,000 Star-Spangled Sprain 75,000
125,000 Big Brass Bruise 100,000
200,000 Bronze Backache 200,000
300,000 Titanic Toothache 250,000
425,000 Beryllium Bloody Noser 250,000
600,000 Super-duper Stomach Ache 350,000
800,000 Righteous Rug Burn 350,000
1,000,000 H'rendous Headache 500,000
1,500,000 Grand Wedgie 500,000
2,000,000 Grotchwally Bite 500,000

Each additional 500,000 repair points will reward the player with 500,000 infinity points.