Castle Infinity Headquarters

As you accumulate Infinity points, you get occasional gifts from the dinosaurs. These show up in your room on the prize platform. Be Careful! If you see one there, and leave the room without picking it up - it's gone forever. You can click on the prize icons to get a better view of the prize.

You can get Infinity points as bonuses from the other categories, or when you eat infinitoids.

Infinity Score Hat Award
100,000 Wiener Dog Pin
250,000 Wrench Monkey
500,000 Mirror
1,000,000 Conch Shell
1,500,000 Frisky Broom
2,000,000 Molar
2,500,000 Missile Toe
3,000,000 Wiener Dog Pin
3,500,000 Missile Toe
4,000,000 Wrench Monkey
4,500,000 Molar
5,000,000 Mirror
5,500,000 Missile Toe
6,000,000 Conch Shell
6,500,000 Frisky Broom

At each additional 500,000 points, Hats will cycle through the following sequence: